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At the bottom of the scoreboard in the form of an electronic clock you will see a window with the signs + and - on the edges. Choose one of the three available rates and click on the next button Play. Probably the number "three" happy in that slot. Since all the winnings until the cumulative jackpot can only bring three of the same symbols. Yes, it turns out, there is a jackpot, and it's not an illusion, as you might think. But here is to get it would have to play only at the maximum rate - no other way. So conceived developers, and against the system does not trample ...

The minimum limit for the jack pot, a player can get your hands on - it's $ 1,500. Not bad, if declassify three documents classified as X. Serious struggle for the money will come in the night city and mysterious space, where every now and then we come to the strange aliens. In the right corner, in a separate table painted with wins for "normal" characters on the left - for the prize money. As a prize stands ajar safe where it is obvious and kept all these secret files that you want to bring to the light of day, and to make public. Indeed, let people know because of what they have any problems.

Small gain for all three characters - Automatic X-files Three of the same symbols on the machine an X-Files. But as long as the documents are stored in a safe place, let's go back to our slot X-files and see what's so special about it is available on the drums. These features a little bit, but they are still there. And it's not little green men or folder with classified documents. This bonus symbols that fall during the free spins. By the way, two safes give you all ten of these rotations, but three - twice. At the very beginning of this review stated that the machine is nothing terrible and unusual, except for the flying saucers and little green men that look pretty primitive. But now get ready for the most terrible - you will meet a ghost - the most that neither is lackluster. This ghost during the free spins can raise your rate by half or even four times. And then, when you click "Collect" you will realize that this ghost is not so unreal - the money-that will be in your account! To verify this, go to the "Cashier". The maximum rate - which brings the ghostly image, obviously caviar from the other world - it's 250 for the tender. Of course, this figure does not compare to those two thousand, that can bring the player logo x-files in the night sky, but it is really a rare stroke of luck.

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