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If the players have placed his bet, the croupier the wheel with the ball in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel starts at the roulette table to throw into the boiler. In most online roulette casinos is such that as long as the ball rotates in a boiler, able to complete are still betting the player or change your set wagers again until the croupier says, " Rein new van plus "on German =>" Nix is more ".

If the roulette ball then stops in a shaft on the wheel, the obtained number and the color is displayed on a display. The Roulette - Croupier then says the number of loud, on which the ball is stopped, of course, the color of the shaft, and if the result is odd or even. After all winnings will be paid immediately and the dealer charges the player back again to be able to place your bets on the roulette table for another round.

Now I wish you much luck at roulette online games and lots of luck! What is a casino? On the whole, a casino (or also called Casino) is a publicly available device or object that is operated in the state monitored gambling.

Arcades in which only slot game is offered, are often confused with casinos. Here there is a greater difference: the casinos are always state-licensed in Germany, in contrast to the gambling halls, which are only to a limited extent the State subject but of course also be monitored publicly. Also check the tax
authorities and these have significantly higher payout ratios.

The origin of this queen of gambling goes to the long-standing Middle Ages. Some attribute it to the creation of China, the other in France. As the name «roulette» comes from the French, the French version of the far more likely. Some believe that the roulette created a mathematician Blasé Pascal in the XVII century, the other - a Franciscan monk, who could not beat his own creation and hanged from the nearest tree. Such is the grim story in the most popular game in the casino. And all because of the fact that its origin is assigned a mystical significance, because the sum of the roulette numbers to 666 because of what it called a Ferris wheel. If you want to play with the devil, play roulette.

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