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Vegas Casino is one of the new scratch card this Latonia Introduced in 2013. The Same Occurs with the important news in terms of premiums . First of all , two million top prize with a cost of 10 € , second to second prize of 30 thousand euro instead of 100 thousand as other types of scratch cards .

Since the beginning of the new year by cutting the gave full six wins from 30 000 euro each. But now let us ask ourselves if the prize structure of Vegas Casino is better than That of other series of scratch cards or not .

Thus, according to Functional That, These Days the lucky players have won the prize of 30 thousand euro , they definitely made ​​the right choice in buying scratch cards Vegas Casino rather than another series. Nevertheless we , with all the respect That we can attribute to a sympathetic and said probably old, who knows what century we want to Respond to little scientific blackberries .

If a scratch card That Has The same price of Vegas Casino pays a prize pool of € 2 million , but a second prize of 100 thousand euro , on equal terms , Vegas Casino may not be more convenient for groped to win the first prize , and less for the second . Actually lunge Should Know the percentage distribution of the prizes .

For example , one assumes That Could Vegas Casino , Whereas the second prize is a saving of 70 thousand Euros , Compared to other similar types , These Could be invested to pay additional premiums maximum of 2 million .

In fact it may not have been simply made ​​it cutting easier to win the second prize . An example to understand : Let's Say That Has a scratch card to similar cut from 100 thousand Euros per million , Vegas Casino may have a scratch card from € 30,000 each 330 thousand coupons .

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