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Blackjack is a game at the same time very easy to learn and fun: the rules are few and very clear and the game table has a minimum complexity. And 'interesting to note that in blackjack the house edge is minimal and strategies of the game are few and very simple to follow, the characteristics that make a blackjack game where you can get your winnings in the long term.

Online blackjack looks exactly like that of the real casinos, and although there are many versions that differ in the number of playable hands at the same time and for the opportunity to make side bets, the basic concepts of the game remain the same.

The blackjack rules are few and simple, you can learn to play in minutes and doing a bit of practice. So let's review the basics of blackjack (also valid for online blackjack). The purpose of blackjack is to achieve a higher score at the tour as much as possible close to 21 by adding the values ​​of all cards without busting received, provided that immediately ends the game in favor of the bank (the English word is "Bust"). In blackjack you always play against the dealer, even if you share the same table with other players.

Aces can be worth either 1 or 11 (the choice of the player). All figures (J, Q and K) are worth 10. Cards 2 through 10 are always worth their face value. You get a blackjack when you have an Ace and a card with a value of 10.

In this case, the game ends immediately in favor of the player unless the dealer also has got a blackjack, in which case there is a tie. Otherwise, the score is calculated simply by adding the values ​​of all the cards. A 21 obtained with more than 2 cards is not a blackjack. Once you have chosen the amount of the bet placed and the chip, the game can begin. If you want to play multiple hands at the same time, you have to place a bet for each one of them, even of a different amount betting takes place after the cards are dealt (2 and 3 in the image).

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