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The cards on the bingo cards are displayed. Using the scroll bar, you can view all 60 bingo cards. By clicking on a map, is marked these and purchased by clicking the "Buy" button. By using the "Card Selector" to select multiple cards at the same game. The "Card Selector" can be set to a number between 1 and 60 and according to the set number of the desired number is highlighted on playing cards. If for example 10, so 10 playing cards are marked.

If you click on the "New" button to all those playing cards, which are not marked or purchased, replaced by new cards. By clicking on "Auto-Buy" to open the car-buy window. Here you can select that you want to buy a certain number of rounds of a certain number of playing cards, for example, over 10 rounds 5 playing cards. The set number of playing cards will be bought automatically when the round starts.

The maps are automatically sorted. Here is the card that is the aim of the game closest shown first. It will automatically recognize that you have achieved "Bingo". If you lose the connection from the "Bingo", you will also be considered for the prize. If a player "Bingo" made, but no longer in the room (for example, because he has lost the connection), he is credited in spite of all the profit. Should the bingo table lose the connection, so the players get back your bet.

At Bingo you can choose from two game modes: 75-Ball and 90-Ball. At a table up to 50 players can play. The aim of the game is with the drawn numbers form a specified pattern on the bingo bill. The player who first formed the corresponding pattern on his bond, and thus wins the round ends.

This variant consists of a 5x5 array which is filled with numbers 1-75. In the 75-ball version of the player who achieves the aim of the game gets the pot. The second Profit is obtained with 2 full rows marked and the main prize as soon as you have selected all 15 numbers on a Bingo ticket ("Full House"). In the 90-ball variant of the pot is split according to a defined percentage distribution.

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