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A myth, and yet a lived game with a fan base that grows hourly. Not only poker in the traditional sense is gaining fans, but also for online poker can be found more and more enthusiasts. Poker is, contrary to popular opinion, no real American card game. It was invented already in Europe, even before the colonization.

It was at that time still called differently and was more of a pastime for soldiers. Nevertheless, during the colonization also wandered this card game across the pond and start there in the course of many years, a true triumph, as you can see these rare.

Poker was banned by the U.S. government for an extended period of time because they feared a moral decay of society. However, the poker game was so popular that it has continued to play in every backyard. Over time the ban was lifted to play poker again and since that moment the game was unstoppable.

Poker is, in general, a card game with many different game modes. The most popular version of poker is Texas Holdem. Whenever poker games are televised known especially the TV Total Poker stars night, is this variation, as it is for the great mass of the most interesting. This also other variants such as Omaha or draw have their charm.

Hardly anyone knows that the poker variant that is seen in many Western movies, is called 5 Card Draw. This is very often confused with Texas Holdem, although the play does not resemble at all. While playing in Texas with so-called community cards (community cards), when these 5 Card Draw eliminated entirely. There are at the online poker many different game types that we want to bring them here, Step by Step closer. The thrill of poker, lies in the fact, it is the only Poker Spelas gambling, which depends only to a very limited extent on luck.

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