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The online casino bonuses have the same basic rules, but every gaming site can add different terms and conditions. First the good news: Because of the variety (and quantity) of online casinos on the network, every gaming site does everything to win the attention of the players.  This results in offering bonuses and higher levels to the benefit of customers have the opportunity to take part in the games with a sum of money greater than that actually invested.

Of course, the online casino bonuses is not a real charge against the players, otherwise you may register, deposit money and withdraw immediately deposited twice as much! The bonuses are actually promotions that have specific rules and restrictions. In other words, the casino says "I make you play with the double of what you put into the account, but you can not withdraw your winnings quickly realized that with the bonus that we have offered us."

This is just one example: all casino bonuses presents different constraints, such as the inability to withdraw your winnings until you reach a certain volume of betting, or the effective payment of the bonus only after a certain number of games.

The problem is that there are a lot of bonuses and actually read all the conditions for obtaining them can sometimes be boring. Nevertheless, we recommend you always lose a few minutes to understand the actual functioning of the various bonuses offered by the casino that interests you. because, if the conditions do not suit you, in most cases you can refuse it and just play with the money you have deposited, without any constraint.

To make the choice a bit easier, we have attempted to summarize what are the bonuses offered by casinos reviewed on this site, but we advise you to inform you directly on the pages of the gaming site that interests you.

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