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The following guide is intended to highlight the most important aspects of online casinos and provide, within a few minutes of reading, all the essential information to start playing having a clear idea of ​​the direction in which first steps. Know about Forex Bonuses & Perks at

Our guide on online casino is divided into categories that take into consideration several aspects that may be obscure to newcomers to this type of online entertainment. The aim is to make reading easier, accompanying users step by step starting from 'open a new player account.

The information provided is valid in principle for all the online casino, but every gaming site may have some characteristics that are shown in the review section . However, we invite users to read the terms and conditions of the casino site at the time of registration. This is done after you have downloaded and installed the program online casino (see installation guide ), or directly on the website of the operator in the case of a no-download casino.

In any case, the player will be asked for personal information: it is therefore necessary to have an e-mail that you remember your login information, an identity document and tax code. It 'very important to provide the correct data: in case prove untrue, any winnings would be paid to the player! Player information collected in this phase are designed to ensure maximum safety for both parties and will be kept safe and never be disclosed to third parties.

The Italian law also requires that within one month of registration the player to send via e-mail, fax or mail a copy of the identity document. The next step in the registration of the player is to make a deposit of money in the account of the game just opened. (If the casino allows this game mode, you can now play with virtual money). At a time when the player makes a deposit, the amount of the deposit are required and the necessary data according to the chosen payment method. The money collected by the casino will match exactly to the amount chosen by the player, with no tax or withholding further.

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