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Many of the regulars casino players want to learn how to beat the house. While this is virtually impossible, users can prepare themselves psychologically to understand this issue. The casino games are made so that the house always wins, or, in the best case, the user earns less than it should really win. To win at the casinos , the user must be clear the following, to avoid further problems or behaviors that may lead to the destruction of its own assets and the psyche of the user:

The casino will not win, you lose. It is important that the user has the possibility to retire and stop spending money whenever you want, so that it is he who has the ability to retire or continue playing. The casino is a mere passive recipient.

The casino does not come to you, you go to him. We are the ones we take or do not take the initiative to enter a casino to play. When you enter, you must be sure of what you do, and have money in your pocket that does not influence or personal finance economies.

The machines are not put against him. Users tend to have an emotional attachment to slot machines, roulette, baccarat and other games of chance, whether virtual or real. It is important to understand that machines do not get angry when insulted or are content when we talk pretty. The dealer is not your friend. Being an employee of the casino, the croupier is one guideline: the casino. Beg or put knees is not only uncomfortable for you, but could lose the job the dealer. The live online casino games you can find them only in very few casinos virtual casino and one of the AIMS, only a few allow you to try this rare online gaming experience. In the games live dealer, the dealer that deals with the gaming table to which you are going to bet, is a professional in the flesh that you can look through the handy cam, in fact you can see it while spinning the roulette wheel, or distributes cards game. Initially casino games with live dealers, were not designed to increase the dose of realism of online casinos, but to find an alternative solution to the use of the software, for the determination of the results in a completely random, as happens at the gaming tables of the casino floor.

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