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There are many titles to choose from, and among the most beloved highlight roulette, blackjack, video poker and slot machines. Recently a particular category, however, has received the most attention of the players. We refer to the live casino games. This is not a challenge game software, but you face a real croupier connected via a web cam from a real room.

The largest gains in the casino Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Los Angeles - three of the capital of gambling. Gambling houses of these cities are known all over the world who want to try their luck flock there from all over.

What amount of benefit to the casino, Dimensions as wins and losses are different, sometimes fortune favors the player and the winning amount is increased to epic proportions. But the next second you can lose everything.

In the history of the famous gambling houses were quite a few big wins, which are still at the hearing. Cases, they are usually not those who sat for months at the gaming table, and those who have not played the "before" and did not make bets "after."

So, Londoner Ashley Revel went to Las Vegas with the sum of $ 135,500. He sold his house and almost all the things. Arriving at the casino, he put all that amount on red, and after a few moments of nervous tension roulette ball was on the seven red. Since then, Mr. Revel has not made a single bid, preferring to enjoy double the wealth.

But, perhaps, in any frame does not fit the story that happened to Elmer Sherwin. This man twice in his life hit the jackpot, winning a total of 26 million dollars! The first time was in 1989, and 16 years later Elmer repeated success. This man - truly a favorite of fortune! This gentleman won a jackpot of $ 320,449 dollars, and the same day his wife gave him a child. What could be better.

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