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This rule allows you to double your bet, but once you decide to make the "doubling" you can ONLY take another card. To double you need to place a bet on the extra table in the vicinity of your first bet. The amount of money bet will be the same as the original bet. The dealer will give you only one additional card for that hand, and the paper will be the last.

In casinos where it is given the opportunity to carry out the "delayed yield" will be able to surrender after the dealer has checked the turn card and revealed that it did not have Blackjack. Before the dealer takes another / other cards, players can surrender only losing half of their bet, rather than entirely. With two hands on the blackjack på vera&john game made decisions about delayed should be taken separately.

Did you get your cards early and evaluated the options. It 's time to decide whether to hit or stand. Determines if the score of your hand can be a winner or if you can hope for better. Remember, since the dealer must continue to take up to 17 or more, your chances of busting with a 15 or 16 are high.

Once all players have received or have decided to stop, the action switches to the croupier will reveal his face down card and will stop or take cards until they reach a total of 17 or more. If the dealer's score exceeds 21 (bust), all players still in the game cashing bets.

If the dealer does not ballast, each hand remained in the game will be compared with that of the croupier. Who has a better score than the dealer wins. You do not win instead of a tie in the cases.

Now you know the rules of Blackjack online or not. What remains to do is play. But before you put your money on the table green, do a little 'practice with the game of blackjack free online. It 'free, fun, and allows you to become familiar with the software, as well as to test your knowledge of the rules of casino games .

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